With Antalya's history, sea, cultural assets and high quality tourism facilities, Antalya is known as the capital of Turkish tourism. With Belek, Kemer, Side-Manavgat, Alanya, Lara-Kunda, and Kaş tourism centers, Antalya hosts more than 10 million foreign quests every year. Along with a cultural heritage deeply rooted in history, Antalya’s coves and highlands of unique beauty, pristine beaches, comfortable hotels and marinas, colourful entertainment venues, and art-filled festivals all make it a tourist destination that offers endless possibilities to its guests.

These include the pleasure of sunbathing from sunrise to sunset; the natural thrill of outdoor sports in the grip of mother nature; the excitement of discovering national parks with their rich flora and fauna, ancient cities, museums and Kaleiçi; the mystery of the mountains and the peaceful Mediterranean coves drawing you away; the romance of watching an opera outdoors under the stars at night; sampling the unique delicacies of Turkish cuisine and enjoying the party scene. Meeting the hospitable people of Antalya is just another part of the pleasant holiday experience.

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