Will I still need glasses after lasik surgery?

Around a third of patients still require glasses for some distance purposes (for example, night driving) after LASIK.

A reasonable aim for refractive surgery is to attain distance vision at the normal level for a non-spectacle wearer. This should allow you to drive, socialise, watch television and play sport without glasses, but some patients still prefer spectacles for a limited range of activities such as night driving. Repeat treatment is performed in around 5% of patients to improve upon the initial result, and is more common where the initial treatment was for a high or more complex correction.

Presbyopia (the natural weakening of the 'focusing' muscles in the eye which occurs in people over the age of 45) is not corrected by laser or implant based surgery. But compromise strategies, in which one eye is focused primarily for good distance vision and the other is focused at arm’s length (monovision), are often very helpful in minimising spectacle dependence for near vision in later life.