Laser eye surgery
Laser eye surgery is a process in which the cornea of ​​the eye is reshaped by laser. The reshaping of the cornea is achieved with an excimer laser. Laser eye surgery is a surgical procedure that corrects the refractive power of a vision-impaired eye so that you can see clearly again, without glasses or contact lenses. The eye laser procedures can be divided into 3 generations. The 1st generation here will handle the treatment on the corneal surface (PRK and LASEK) both of these are carried out only by excimer laser device. The 2nd generation here is the treatment under the corneal surface by means of corneal incision (LASIK and femto-LASIK) in the LASIK procedure, the flep is formed with keratome (knife) and corrected with excimer laser, in the femto-LASIK procedure, the flep with femtosecond Laser formed and corrected by excimer laser. The last and 3rd generation is the minimally invasive treatment in the depth of the cornea by lenticule extraction (ReLEx SMILE) in this procedure is modeled only by femtosecond laser within the cornea a tissue lens (lenticle) to achieve the desired correction and will then detached from the cornea by a small cut of only 3 mm and then pulled out with tweezers.

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