PRK is similar to LASIK , there is no flap formation in PRK . The outer layer of cornea's name is called epithelium . Epithelium is removed prior to ablation in PRK Method . PRK works by reshaping the cornea using an excimer laser then epithelium recovery takes almost 3-4 days , new epithelium cells to regenerate and cover the surface of the eye .A soft contact lenses ‘ bandage ‘ is then placed on the cornea to patients’ eyes. Typically new epithelium cell grow back in 3-4 days .After with the bandage contact lenses is removed by your surgeon. Patients’ ,who have PRK method , visual improvements get better several weeks .

Long-term results of PRK ; PRK Laser eye surgery has been performed since 1980 ,and in the USA since 1995 .PRK has a very high success rate .


Lasek eye surgery is a variation of PRK . The Lasek method stays between in Lasik and PRK method . Lasek surgeon push the ultra-thin epithelial ‘flap (with using alcohol solution )’ to the side exposing the corneal stroma for laser reshaping .After the laser treatment is finished , the epithelial tissue is repositioned on the surface of the eye to cover the lasered stroma and a bandage contact lens is placed on the eye to keep the epithelium in place as it heals . Contact lenses are removed on third day .Clear vision begins between 2-3 weeks .

Summary ; PRK and LASEK methods are the most popular of the surface ablation techniques .Many eye surgeons rocommends PRK and LASEK only if you are not suitable for LASIK surgery . LASEK and PRK are comes similar to Lasik results .Talya Medical Center’s Laser Surgeon , Dr. Abay , will advice you the best technique of Excimer Laser for your individual needs.