ReLEx-Smile - The 3rd generation of eye laser technology: The ReLEx-Smile method is a safe and minimally invasive eye laser procedure. The VisuMax laser of the German leading brand "Zeiss" is a precise laser that only minimally loads the corneal tissue. The ReLEx-Smile procedure is performed on an outpatient basis. The eyes are anesthetized with eye drops before the procedure and the Engriff itself takes only a few minutes per eye. The big advantage of the ReLEx-Smile method is that no so-called 'flap' (corneal lid) is created. Instead, the femtosecond laser acts within the cornea, modeling a tissue lens (lenticle) to achieve the desired correction. Modeling the lenticle takes only 25 seconds. The tissue lens is then loosened from the cornea by a cut of only 3 mm minimum and then pulled out with tweezers. Thus, the natural structure of the cornea is not attacked and the risk of possible infections during the procedure is reduced to a minimum. Another advantage is a much faster recovery and adaptation of your newly gained visual acuity.

Augenlasern mit ReLEx-Smile - Gewebelinsen

The ReLEx-Smile procedure can cause myopia up to 10 dpt., Astigmatism up to 5 dpt. As further factors affect your suitability for this procedure, a detailed preliminary examination will be carried out during the consultation with our doctor.Additional advantages of the ReLEx-Smile procedure in short overview:

-The risk of infection is minimized.
-Emergence of a dry eye syndrome is almost impossible.
-Wound healing is accelerated many times over.
-Misty vision immediately after surgery is normal.
-With each hour the view becomes clearer. The individually optimal sight is within a few days
-Pain and / or foreign body feelings occur very rarely and if, then directly after the operation and sound rapidly.
-A renewed worsening of vision in the area of ​​myopia and astigmatism is almost impossible with this procedure.
-Full return to everyday life already possible on the first day after surgery