With trifocal intraocular lenses, far-middle and near-vision treatments .
Phakic intraocular lens applications ..

Talya Medical Center uses FDA approved intraocular lenses.

The new technique, the eye lens surgery increases the quality of vision and, of course, the quality of life.

The latest generation of multifocal lenses are the trifocal lenses. This has the wearing of the glasses and the insertion and removal of normal contact lenses an end. The innovation of the trifocal lens is that, in contrast to conventional multifocal lenses, in addition to near vision, it also has a range of vision in the middle range. The problem of far, middle and near is solved super. The presbyopia in combination with the farsightedness or myopia can be corrected with the use of a Trifokallinse, often there is also a curvature of the cornea, this can be remedied with the use of a toric trifocal lens. The inserted lens last a lifetime. These lenses are made to last a lifetime of technology. The goal is to enable the patient in everyday life a largely glasses-free life with the implantation of Trifokallinsen.

It is up to you to wake up to a better day and see more clearly.

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